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Syracuse Basketball Names - 2 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

17 Feb 2008

I just e-mailed The Sports Guy on ESPN.com the following:

I was watching the Georgetown-Syracuse men's basketball game on Saturday. It strikes me that Syracuse has the most complete "name" team I've seen in a long time. Get a load of these guys:

Donte Greene
Kris Ongenaet
Arinze Onuaku
Jonny Flynn
Paul Harris

And coming off the bench are:
Rick Jackson
Scoop Jardine

Not only are their names universally cool, they match their on-court personalities perfectly! There's the Americana Enforcers (Paul Harris, Rick Jackson), slash guys (Donte Green, Jonny Flynn), the European mix-it-up guy (Kris Ongenaet), the beat-down center (Arinze Onuaku), and, to top it off, the coming-off-the-bench point guard (Scoop Jardine).

Has there ever been a team where names match personality so closely? Does this mean good things ahead for this Syracuse squad?
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