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Baseball Fantasy Style - 2 Cents
Posted by: Ken

15 Feb 2008

ESPN's fantasy baseball league is up and ready to create. I don't know who is going to be commish, but please email me at kpod(at)psu(dot)edu with details.
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Fantasy Baseball
I was wondering if there was a fantasy baseball league, so I posted a note here. I guess these notes are not meant to be read or take action on. :) Either that or all ya'll scared of my team.
05 Mar 2008
Ken (PSU Taco) 
Fantasy Baseball
Who? Wha?

Action is not what we do here. We are followers. Dan sent a league invite straight to our inboxes. He wins. We followed him, cause he took us to water.

: )

Plus we're scared of your team.
05 Mar 2008

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