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Tennis - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

23 Jan 2008

Roger Federer will be facing Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open tennis semifinals... I want Federer to break every record in the book that relates to tennis grand slams. But I think he has a real test in front of him with this Djokovic guy. Just like I want Nadal to continue to be that tough competition for Federer in the French Open, I think Djokovic can prove to be that tough competition on hardcourt for him - so that when Federer's name comes up in the debate of the greatest ever, he'll be able to name these great players as his rivals. I just hope Federer ends up being a little better than Djokovic this year so his Slam run can continue.
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Reader Comments:

Federer wasn't better. D'oh! Hopefully it was just a hiccup on his part.
25 Jan 2008
Wow - Roger Federer lost in the Olympics to James Blake. I think Roger's downfall coincided with his statement (I think in late '07) that he doesn't need to prepare for opponents. Once the public could understand his level of disregard for the competition, the collective negative karma being thrust upon him swelled enough to knock him from his perch of tennis domination.

Now he's just really good (instead of really really good).
14 Aug 2008

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