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Witty Titles - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

23 Jul 2007

I'm a little annoyed by titles that are a little too witty. I'm seeing ads for a TNT show called "Saving Grace". I'm a bettin' Grace is the name of the main character.

"Good Will Hunting" is so witty it's absurd. It took title wittiness to a level never before seen. "Good Will" could be understood like the donation bin, "Hunting" could be understood as searching for or shooting or a name, "Will" could be a name or a drive (i.e., will-power kinda thing), "Good" could potentially be a name, for cryin' out loud, but then my head would explode.

It just seems that these double or triple-meaning titles are getting a little old. Cozy, but forced. Time for a new angle.
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