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Traffic? - 2 Cents
Posted by: Paul Best

23 Apr 2007

You guys getting any new traffic?

Also... Paul N is so going to get his butt 'whip'ed this week in Fantasy Baseball.
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Reader Comments:

As of today we're over 400 unique IPs visiting Dime Brothers so far this month. Apparently people are accidentally visiting, because no one cares enough to leave a post or anything. I don't blame them - that takes work. And we're against that here.

I think we're stuck with a very small core that just happens to visit the site from every public library computer they can find.
24 Apr 2007
April Unique IPs
We had 490 unique visitors to DimeBrothers.com in April. That beats March's 150. By a nose. If we see the same growth in May... it'd be a miracle. Especially since we're not even tryin'. Barely.
01 May 2007
I'm no accident!
I confess - I'm no accidental visitor. Put me under Mark's total.

Here's my first writing piece from the new job:
07 May 2007
Press Release Article
Press release regarding health care. It's from Joe. Maybe Joe should write some witty, intelligent, and funny articles for this site. Well, funny and witty, maybe.

: )

Joe, you can provide hyperlinks within this posting medium by writing whatever you want the link to be (in this case I wrote "Press release regarding health care"). Then you can highlight it all, click the little button next to the underlined U, and then paste in the URL. That way we don't have to do as much work. We're all about laziness here. Er... we call that efficiency, right? Yes - we're all about efficiency.
08 May 2007

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