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What This Site Needs... - 2 Cents
Posted by: Paul Best

02 Apr 2007

What this site needs is a comment tally on the main page headlines. For example... if I commented on a story, and I wanted to see if someone else also commented, I'd need to click on the story. If you had a comment tally for each story, I could see that there are now a greater number of comments than when I last posted. Do it now!
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Comment Tallies
I'll get right on that, as soon as I get the check in the mail. ; )

Just kidding. Actually, to implement a change like that, I'd first need to come up with a design plan pointing out all milestones as well as the cost benefit of such functionality. Then, I'll need to write up a report on how/why creating this function will affect resources, citing allocations as well as citing other updates that will ultimately be delayed. Then I'll need to come up with a plan for completing the delayed work, and so on.

...Ummmm....Mark, I quit!
03 Apr 2007
Webmaster (Steve) 
I've been fired
That's a great idea, Paul Best. (And for those of you who are new to the site, Paul Best is an honorary article writer. Although his last name doesn't contain any tacit reference to money, it is still indicative of the quality we strive for (the "Best")). And since I'm fired, and Steve is quitting, your suggestion will now get lost in the bureaucratical mess that is Dime Brothers.
03 Apr 2007
Applications for New Brother
Applications for being my brother can be sent to my e-mail on this site.
03 Apr 2007
So you're sayin' I can just email you my application? I haven't seen any notice that I can't be re-hired!!!
04 Apr 2007
Mark (your brother) 
And I'm waiting!
04 Apr 2007
I feel loved
Nice! You took my suggestion. I feel loved and useful. That's a nice change of pace.
06 Apr 2007
Paul Best 

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