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Must-Use Words for the Day - 2 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

01 Mar 2007

Check out a couple of words all the young kids are using these days. Guaranteed to get you that raise you've been angling for!

1) dussied; as in all dussied up (whatever you want that to mean, perhaps dressed nicely)

2) muss; as in muss up the works (whatever you want that to mean, too; perhaps mess up)

3) dealy-wat, as in I don't know what those dealy-wats are that make it work (works great with car parts)

4) suits, as in those suits up at the capitol...(works best when complaining)

See if you can work these words into your lexicon in the next couple of days. You'll be having more fun in no time!

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Change of Heart
I moved the words article over here to the message board because it just didn't seem right breaking up the customer service articles; it was gumming up the works.
01 Mar 2007

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