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Fantasy Baseball - 2 Cents
Posted by: Yahoo Sports

09 Feb 2007

Fantasy Baseball starts up Feb 15th! Better start your draft order quickly!
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Fantasy Baseball
Ummm... it seems that ESPN has finally seen the light, and is offering free fantasy baseball. The switch from Yahoo is tempting, but I feel like I've been mistreated for having it take them so long to make it free... plus the ESPN homepage has reached the point where it takes 4 supercomputers to load all the Flash and video components. I would lose 10 minutes of every day just waiting for pages to load.
14 Feb 2007
Post Number 50
Congrats to Yahoo Sports for post number 50 (although I instructed Steve to delete one post from Ken when he had accidentally put a subject in place of the name field, so Noah got the real 50th post... but thanks Ken, 'cause that prompted us to make these posts more consistent with the rest of the site!)
14 Feb 2007
Draft Me
Alright ... I know I have been injured a few times, but this will be my break-out season. Igore my latest mishap below.

16 Feb 2007
Kerry Wood 

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