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The Message Board is Working - 2 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

17 Dec 2006

Yeah! Our board is working! Steve, you are the man! Hey everyone - post to your heart's delight!
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Reader Comments:

Is it possible to have people put comments on each posting? That way all 18 unique ISPs can discuss each article. (I'll work on getting a 19th.)
17 Dec 2006
Paul "Guest Dime" Best 
We might think about being able to post after each article, and still keeping a general message board.

And I'm assuming you meant IPs, refering to the number of computer IPs that have viewed our site? Anyhoo...
18 Dec 2006
Mark "Dime" Nichols 
Uh, the date seems to change to always be today's date, even though some of these posts were made yesterday.
18 Dec 2006
You're not thinking 4th dimensionally. This is normal in 4-D. You're so 3-D. (click with the tongue and exhale sound)
19 Dec 2006
The dates should now be correct in both the 3rd and 4th dimension.
19 Dec 2006
This site is off the shizzle my nizzles!
19 Dec 2006
I just thought there needed to be another message here. People, just click on the "Sign Message Board" title (or whatever it says) and post away to your heart's content. Woop woop. ("Woop woop" was a favorite saying of Winton Marsalis' cousin, who I met in prison. Actually, it was from another inmate. I just wanted to name-drop. I'm despicable.)
20 Dec 2006

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