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Public Seating Issues - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

15 Dec 2010

Okay. I've got a problem. No, actually, everyone else has a problem. I'm the only sane one. (conspiracy theorists rejoice!)


The problem is this: you enter a classroom, auditorium, or seating area. You can't get to any of the seats because the people who got there first sat down at the end of the rows.


"Hey! What about me?! Where can I sit?" I think to myself. "Excuse me. Whoop. Eh. Excuse me. Pardon me" I stutter as I make my way to an interior seat. "Did they just shoot me a dirty look?" I reflect. "Did they just give me a tongue-click sigh in disgust at having to allow me to pass?"


"Hmmm, well perhaps there's a good reason everyone in this place is sitting on the end of the rows..." I ponder.


Do they have long legs? Well, some of them.


Do they have to go to the bathroom often? Hmmm, it's likely that some of them have that issue, or maybe they're drinking lots of fluids to stave off a cold.


Or perhaps they have to leave before the event is over? Surely not everyone!


Are they saving a seat for someone? A few folks, possibly.


Maybe they want to be the first to the parking lot after the event? Highly probable.


Are they just feeling lazy? Another highly probable reason.


Perhaps they figured other folks could just sit in other rows? Highly probable and kind of selfish.


So my problem is I'm trying to rationalize this behavior, and by my calculations, it may always be rational, but it's not always nice.


So my plea to the masses out there is, "Please sit down in the middle seats--it's not going to kill you! You may even learn or enjoy the event more. Be nice and share access to the seats!"


That is all.

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Reader Comments:

They may be playing it safe with scent - sitting on the edge makes it so only one stinky person can sit next to you instead of two. You know the guy: too much cologne, or just ate a heavily spiced-up meal and now smells rank. That, leg room, and a quick escape to the parking lot are all great reasons to be a row hog!

Also could apply - they were sitting there from a previous session and didn't want to move their home base. Or that's the spot where they wrote down all the answers under the desk.
16 Dec 2010

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