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NFL Preview 2010 - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

09 Sep 2010

Here's your 5-minute NFL preview for the 2010 season. Teams are listed in their predicted finish in their division:


AFC East


New England Patriots - On top until proven otherwise. It could be the year of the otherwise, though.


Miami Dolphins - Always frisky. Can't name a player on their roster. Jason Taylor's no longer playing for them, right? So, yeah. Can't name a player on their roster. Frisky, though.


New York Jets - No more Thomas Jones at running back. I don't care who they have now - he can't possibly be better known than Thomas Johnson. Er, I mean Jones.


Buffalo Bills - Will start out poorly. Probably finish the season winning something like 4 of 6 - just enough of a winning streak to give their fans hope for next season's failure.


AFC North


Baltimore Ravens - Always in the hunt. Flacco gets it done.


Pittsburgh Steelers - Pittsburgh is an every-other-year kind of team. 9-7 last year. 12-4 the year before. The best 8-8 team ever the year before that. The Super Bowl team the year before that.


Cincinnati Bengals - Overrated last year. Overrated this year. It's Cincinnati, people. I hope you're not putting money on them.


Cleveland Browns - Overrated this year. I see some folks predicting as many as 3 victories for them.


AFC South


Indianapolis Colts - On top until proven otherwise. But it is the Chinese year of the otherwise.


Tennessee Titans - Vince Young wins football games like Cris Carter catches touchdown passes. This is a dangerous Titans team.


Houston Texans - Always overrated in an underrated kind of way. Right here until they get over 8-8. Exciting team, though.


Jacksonville Jaguars - It's good to see they're still fielding a team. They're bad, though.


AFC West


San Diego Chargers - On top until proven otherwise. Probably the next couple years, too. They don't follow the Chinese calendar in San Diego


Denver Broncos - Denver might finish second in this division with 6 wins.


Kansas City Chiefs - Kansas City will finish around 6 wins, too.


Oakland Raiders - I like Jason Campbell at quarterback. It's the rest of the team that will prevent these guys from going over the 6-win mark.


NFC East


Dallas Cowboys - Who else can overtake them in this division?


New York Giants - They're over their injuries, right?


Philadelphia Eagles - It'll be nice to see if Kolb can replace Donovan McNabb at quarterback. A Houston Texans 8-8 season coming up?


Washington Redskins - McNabb will provide some excitement, at least. Excitement about their 5-win season.


NFC North


Green Bay Packers - Seems to be the winner in this division. Too many question marks for the other teams.


Minnesota Vikings - ??? Too old.


Chicago Bears - ??? Too inconsistent.


Detroit Lions - ??? Too young.


NFC South


New Orleans Saints - Explosive awesomeness.


Atlanta Falcons - They looked really good two years ago and had a letdown season last year. I see playoffs for them.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ugh. So inconsistent. I don't see anything good here.


Carolina Panthers - Here either.


NFC West


San Francisco 49ers - Because someone has to win this division. Perhaps a 7-win team?


Arizona Cardinals - Terrible team. But better than the other teams in this division. I think.


St. Louis Rams - Will see 400% improvement over last season. Good enough for 3rd in the division.


Seattle Seahawks - Horrible. There are a lot of horrible teams in the NFL this season.





AFC 1st Round: Indianapolis, Baltimore, San Diego, New England, Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

"2nd Round: Indianapolis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

3rd Round: Pittsburgh, Tennessee. (I know. Not picking the home teams isn't a smart pick here.)


NFC 1st Round: Green Bay, New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Minnesota.

2nd Round: Green Bay, New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta.

3rd Round: Green Bay, New Orleans.


Super Bowl: Green Bay over Tennessee.


There you have it. Green Bay takes home the trophy, though I can't name their running back. Probably that means I'll be wrong. I like Vince Young, and Jeff Fisher just wins games, and I can name Tennessee's running back. So for you at home, bet Tennessee. I'll keep my prediction the same, though.

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Reader Comments:

A couple of provisos
Perhaps The NY Giants will be the second wild card in the NFC over Minnesota. And if anyone's gonna overtake New England in the AFC East, I suspect it would be the Jets, not Miami. The Jets have a higher ceiling and lower basement than Miami.
10 Sep 2010
Decent predictions. But I can't put serious thought into reviewing them because then I'll go crazy. Kinda like trying to figure out who will be a featured running back all season for my fantasy team. Impossible to stay sane. Which is why I'm not doing fantasy football this year.
10 Sep 2010
Not as good as I had hoped, on the whole. Buffalo got their fans' hope up. Green Bay is considered better than Chicago despite their records. I still think getting rid of Vince Young is a mistake. Jets are overrated, too, cause they only know how to get lucky and barely win...but if they had Vince Young as a quarterback, I'd support them. I don't normally do this, but I'm rooting against Seattle and the Jets.
14 Jan 2011
Review of who won each division in the regular season:

AFC East: New England (correct)
AFC North: Pittsburgh (close)
AFC South: Indianapolis (correct)
AFC West: Kansas City (wrong)

NFC East: Philadelphia (wrong)
NFC North: Chicago (wrong)
NFC South: Atlanta (close)
NFC West: Seattle (wrong, although you did predict a 7-win team winning this division)

Jets beat New England in the playoffs. Crazy. They'll play against Pittsburgh in the AFC championship.

Green Bay will play Chicago for the NFC championship.

Pitt. and Chi. being in the "top 4" teams at least partially proves Brother Paul's theory that key defensive personnel make the team: Urlacher for Chicago and Polamalu for Pittsburgh. That was the guy for Pitt., right? Both of whom had injuries last year which limited their teams' potential.
16 Jan 2011
Plus, Buffalo fans have hope after at least finding a QB that makes things exciting. We can build on that!
06 Feb 2011

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