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Hot Chocolate - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

19 Dec 2009

As we settle into the holidays and the snow is falling along the East coast, don't you just want to bundle up with your loved one and sip the classic American winter drink - hot chocolate? I sure do. That or hot apple cider. But this article is about hot chocolate - get out of my article, apple cider.

Remember how awesome hot chocolate was when you were a child, and went outside to play in the snow with all your friends? I could play for hours, building snowmen that invariably got demolished by the neighbor's dogs...or siblings. Or we would dig tunnels in the drifts next to the house and pretend they were igloos. Then we'd come in and mom would have that hot chocolate a-brewin'.

Winter sure can be a marvelous time, and it's only enhanced by hot chocolate. Mmmmmm, I can almost taste it.

[for some good winter reminiscing listen to Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne. One of my favorite songs, I only learned about it because of an L.L. Bean commercial]

Wait, why am I writing about this again? Oh, yeah, I have a point.

The other day I ordered hot chocolate at a local watering hole. They said they didn't have any milk. I told them to use water. The guy looked at me as if I were from another planet, and I realized he was right! "Wait a second," I thought. "Didn't we always have it with water growing up?!"

I realized we always had it with water growing up, until we were smart enough to use milk. How could all of our moms trick us with the watered-down hot chocolate for so long??? Perhaps it was to make us appreciate the milk even more. Perhaps cause once you start making it with milk, you never want to go back, and milk costs $$$. Ah, the innocence of youth, or maybe poverty...

Anyway, the guy found some milk and I had my hot chocolate.

Enjoy your holidays, and stay warm!

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