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List of Annoyances - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

21 Feb 2009

Here's a list of things I'm just not understanding right now:


1 - Will the jewelry appraisal business be hit with a bubble-like collapse like the home appraisal business? Jewelry is always appraised for way more than you can actually sell it for. What's the deal?


2 - Why do answering services insist on leaving a computer message besides the one you leave? "Hi, you've reached Dime Brothers but we're not available. Leave your message and we'll get back to you." ... "Leave your message after the beep. Press # to page this person. Press 1 for more options. Press 2 to transfer to another desk. Press 3 * 4 * 5 and jump up and down on one leg to go absolutely insane... *beep*." [Beep] is right. Stupid message voice.


3 - "Estimated Time Left" - ever try to download something and you see that bar progressing slowly towards completion? The estimated time left manages to always say 5 minutes left even though the bar is moving. What is happening there? Or sometimes it says 20 seconds left, and it takes two minutes. Was that last little bit of download really that tough? Why so off? Maybe if the estimator wasn't busy hogging computer resources, the download could happen a lot faster!" : )" It's not like this complaint is all that original; it's just something I've been thinking about. (And fellow estimated time left annoyees - that's not a word - will fondly recall the scene in "Office Space" when the main character is trying to get out of work and the bar keeps popping up again and again.)


4 - How is it possible that windshield wipers be so awful? Also not a new complaint, but it's 2009 and we're still struggling with this? They either leave a streak right at your eye-line when every other part of the glass is wiped clean, or they wipe everything clean on the way up but leave a smear when they go back down.


5 - Does your dump let you know what you can't throw out? Batteries, certain kinds of paint...? Since dumps do such an awful job of communicating, it seems like we've got (or will have) a national emergency as far as tainted earth and possibly infected water supplies. Soon we'll have to dig through dumps to find this stuff (but at least at the same time we can strip copper and other resources from thrown out materials - in fact, I fully expect this to be some award-winning business plan in the future).


If you feel so inclined, add your own "Hunh?!" to the comment section.


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Why is it that your car door shuts when you want it to stay open but stays open when you want it to shut?

Putting groceries in your car - it'll find a way to shut. But taking groceries into your house when you're done getting them out of the car, the door will find a way to stay open.

13 Apr 2009

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