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Movie Review: Fly Me to the Moon - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

16 Dec 2008

Recently released on DVD: Fly Me to the Moon, an animated movie about a fly that goes to Africa. Just kidding. It goes to the moon. As always, if you'd like an unbiased opinion of the movie when you watch it, don't continue to read this article. But if you're already reading this, chances are you're okay with a little biasing. And why would you want to watch it anyway? It stunk.


Of course, I can't give it my wholehearted "it stunk" rating, because I didn't watch it all. The wife and I fast-forwarded three-quarters of the movie because we knew what was coming. We finished the movie quickly and could waste our time in other aimless endeavors.


Problem 1: The opening sequence moves around in an apparent attempt to establish some setting and to gloat in their own animation prowess. It feels like a college project that the students are proud to show off, except that the animation ain't Pixar quality (sorry everyone, but Pixar is the standard, and you can't live up to it). Things moved so slowly that I was sick of the movie almost instantaneously. Although I did just read on the Wikipedia page that this movie was the "First ever animated movie created for 3D" so maybe I wasn't in the right format.


Problem 2: The actual setting was the 60s - flies heading to the moon with Neil Armstrong and company. That's like the animated movie Valiant (2005) about a pigeon in World War II. It's just tough to get interested in those time periods. Maybe kids would be more forgiving.


Problem 3: Audio. We heard poorly written text. Everything felt like a clich. It was painful to the ears. I ain't sayin' I could do better. I'm just sayin'.


If you'd like to waste your time productively, this movie is not the way to go about it.



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