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Happy Second Birthday - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

27 Sep 2008

That time of the year is rolling around again. Happy soon-to-be second birthday, Dime Brothers. I bought the domain name back in September 2006 after much deliberation. I was looking for something catchy, that would incorporate both me and my brudda, and that connected our last names. It's kinda tough to "get," sometimes, seeing references on the site to nickels, cents, and dimes, but people soon catch on that two "Nichols" add to make a dime.


I enlisted buddy Steve to do the web development since I didn't know much of a lick about the super infer-highway net. And the original design went for super simple. Over the last year the site has been redesigned to take a step into the modern age - a weird yet hopefully subtle background, widgets such as one from ESPN, video on the main page, and a resolution that's smaller since most people aren't using a computer with settings from 1998.


The changes should appease most anger from all of our 5 readers.


The worst change over the last year was the frequency of posting. Life's gotten busier. Stupid life. What's it done for me, lately?! Just kidding, of course.


So here's to a more productive year 3. Happy second birthday, Dime Brothers. (Don't stay out late partying and then use that as an excuse not to post, though!)


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New Video
The new Onion video on the home page is a little old, but still neat in its ignorance of the internet. I thought it fit with the second birthday article I posted recently.
27 Sep 2008
At this rate, our next article will be the 3rd birthday article...

: )
13 Nov 2008

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