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Cuil - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

28 Jul 2008

The weird website naming fad will surely end soon... won't it?! How many more can we handle? We've got Skype, Yahoo!, and Google. These are now common enough that they don't sound weird. But there are plenty of others trying too hard to have a random name that might catch on. Welcome to Cuil.com. It's another search engine hoping to take some market share from the big boys. It's pronounced "cool." They claim to be awesome beyond belief, at least according to the CNN.com article I read today.


However, a deeply scientific analysis revealed that they've got a lot of improving to do. When I searched for "Dime Brothers" this morning, I got the generic "no results" message. At least now when I search I get results - pretty results with pictures and everything. But I do not get a link to this site in the first seven pages. When I searched this morning for "DimeBrothers.com", I also got no results. Now I get "Due to excessive load, our servers didn't return results. Please try your search again." I like how Yahoo!, even if they can't find a website you type in, allows you to click on it as a link.

Sorry Cuil, but you're just another MSN search for now. You could always repackage yourself as a new website later by using a random letter generator to come up with a catchy name. Good luck with that.

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Time article on Cuil

Above is a link to a Time article about Cuil. Surprisingly, it's more thorough and better written than what I've got above....
29 Jul 2008
Here's the Wikipedia entry for Cuil. It closed up shop awhile ago.
10 Aug 2012

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