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Refocus - 5 Cents
Posted by: Mark Nichols

14 Jul 2008

We've long considered how to increase traffic to this little website of ours. We've registered the blog on Technorati, we've added a plethora of meta tags to the code so search engines know how to find us, we ping Google when we update the site, and we updated the design. We've tried selling out (see our top 5/10 lists or any movie review article). We've tried high-browing our way there (see any finance article). We've tried the cute angle, too (I posted a video of a sleepy bear).


Essentially we've alienated every possible demographic in an effort to gain one or two readers. And by not posting for weeks on end, anyone who's stuck around has been raked through the coals.


As much as I'd love for this site to be a money-maker, it probably can't happen unless we provide a topic-centered focus. Should we limit ourselves to sports? Fun links? Civics? Movies? Traffic/Road rage?


... [thinking]...


The one thing that might possibly link every article together and that could become the focus of a revamped and powerful blog is:




...But the site owners here are probably too stupid and lazy to reorganize and take advantage of this. Losers.



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Reader Comments:

You can't blog about complaining. That's so annoying. Anyone can complain without much effort...or intelligence. Couldn't you blog about something important like the thousands of mice that die daily in inhumane (inmiceane?) traps?! What a gip, a blog about complaining!

Oh, wait a second, this comment is full of complaining.


Do whatever you want.
11 Aug 2008

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