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Posted by: Paul Nichols

30 Jun 2008

New London Day Opinion Article


An opinion piece that posits, more reasonably than I've seen from anywhere else, that Obama isn't about change as much as he lets on, and that, therefore, McCain is the better candidate.
My take is that the writer must be writing from an independent viewpoint, because Democrats might respond, "Here we go. Another right winger dreaming up a reason to vote Republican," and because Republicans might respond, "We know Obama isn't about as much change as he says he is."
However, and drawing the article's logic out to its conclusion, if Democrats want change, as we typically hear this campaign season, McCain should be their choice. And if Republicans are not buying Obama's "change" argument, which they typically are not this campaign season, and if they would presumably prefer to keep the status quo because they like the current president, Obama should be their choice.
It'll be a fun race either way.

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