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Paul's Pet Peeves 3 - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

30 Mar 2008

I hope everyone's enjoying the spring. Still feels like November to me, but whatever.


My latest pet peeve adventure is for the spring cleaners in you: closet doors.


I've got a pretty big closet in my bedroom. Big enough to hold my hanging clothes and for storage along the floor. It's probably about 7 feet long. However, each and every day I cannot fully appreciate my wardrobe options because I can't look at all my clothes at once. I can't even appreciate half of my clothes at once. The culprit? Sliding doors! The closet sliding door is the real reason people hate getting up in the morning. Bad job? Not enough sleep? Posers. The closet sliding door is the root cause for 26 billion dollars in lost efficiency every quarter. It's the principal reason for the threat of a recession, not the mortgage fallout. (The national media love keeping everyone in the dark.)


I say closet doors should be on/off, like an invisi-door of some type. Or maybe like a DeLorean door, they'd retract into the ceiling, or something.


Anyway. Feel free to share your closet door nightmares. Or your small closet nightmares. Share stories about regular doors, bi-fold doors, multi-fold doors, pocket doors, or any other kind of door I don't know anything about.

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