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Paul's Pet Peeves 1 - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

18 Feb 2008

I think it's time to start a new series here on DimeBrothers. Paul's Pet Peeves. That's what we'll call it. That means feel free to chime in with your own pet peeves in the comment section. If I share your pet peeve, I may write a new article on it. As an aside, the reader should be aware that the Dime Brothers are slowly (and I mean slowly) trying to get under the wing of web technology. (For example, I'm still using Microsoft Word 2000; you can tell which articles I wrote in Word 2000 because the links won't open in a new window. This is pretty foolish because the license agreement for Word 2007, which I own, probably allows me to install it on this computer, too. But, yeah verily, I digress.) So we're learning, though there is no evidence of such. Thus, over the next many many months expect changes to DimeBrothers.com. Perhaps a top-clicked top ten article list along the sidebar. Perhaps a weekly poll! The possibilities are endless!!! We know from the primary races that change is good, so let's hope so for our sake (how can every single candidate run on the whole "change" premise??? - whoops, I should save that for another pet peeve article). On to the pet peeve.


Paul's Pet Peeves


Have you ever gone out to eat? Me too! (We've got so much in common!) Well, I still tend to order buffalo wings when I'm out (see my top five food list) (yeah, right click and open in new window - did you forget I'm writing this in Word 2000??? (And one of your pet peeves cannot be that Paul writes his articles in Word 2000!!!)). So, anyway, my pet peeve is restaurants that serve up spicy food and then don't give you paper napkins. What do they give you instead??? A fancy schmancy cloth napkin. Kudos to them for going all upscale and the such. I'm not saying they have to take the cloth napkin away, but they should also provide paper napkins. Why, you ask? Because spicy food causes noses to run, and it's totally uncouth to blow your nose in the cloth napkin. One, there's no absorption in those napkins and you'd have to be very careful if you were to use the napkin more than once. Two, they reuse them! Yucky! Yeah, I know that the soda pop I ordered came in a glass that somebody else used, too. But, um, yucky! Give us paper napkins!!

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Reader Comments:

Politics and Peeves
There is actually one candidate not running on change. He claims that there's been too much change in Washington. No, in fact he runs on the ticket to restore Washington, to how it was intended. This man is the media-blackout's own, Ron Paul.

**Gets off of soapbox**

A pet peeve of mine is people who don't wash their hands after calls of nature. They should be ashamed!
19 Feb 2008
It's nice to see someone out there mixing it up. :) But if there was a time when Washington was the way it was intended, I'm not aware of it. Even so, I'm not sure it's that far off from where it began. Even Paul Revere billed the Massachusetts Colony (I can't quite recall who he billed) for his riding. Those bills were then audited and the amount paid reduced by about 20%. Bureaucracy, bean counters, compensation for patriotic service...all are traits in today's government with no inherent need for change or restoration. ...I don't have a solid point to make here with my blathering...
19 Feb 2008
Turnign signal
One of my biggest pet peeves is the non-existent turn signal. I hate when people apply brakes and turn without a signal. It's annoying and dangerous. Those ergonomic engineers make things so easy by putting that stick close to the wheel. It's not hard.
22 Feb 2008
oh, and misspellings too
Yeah, and I hate when people don't properly check their posts for typos...despite the fact that I'm not so good at it. Spellcheck needs to be installed everywhere!!!
22 Feb 2008
Spell check
If you used Mozilla Firefox as a web browser instead of Internet Explorer, your typing would automatically be spell-checked. I could go into the database and correct it for you... but I won't. : )
28 Feb 2008

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