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The Mitchell Report and Misplaced Ranting - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

13 Dec 2007

The Mitchell Report was released today at 2 p.m. This report details the use of illegal substances in baseball. It names people involved and assigns blame for the proliferation of abuse.


So I was reading an article on FoxSports.com about it all, and when I got to the bottom there was the following comment posted:


"We have soliers dying, an infrastructure that's crumbling, education system that's the joke of the world, an administration that's conducting financial rape of the country... and this is the best we can argue/discuss?????"



There are so many things wrong with this post that my brain is going into shutdown. First, it really perturbs me that someone blindsided this poor, innocent article. (At least he's got the ranting part down. DB article on the national pasttime--no, not baseball, but ranting.)


Second, what he says misses the mark (whatever it is he's trying to say). Perhaps he's saying baseball is not as important as "soliers" dying. Well, duh. No one is saying, or ever would say, that. No one in the article about the Mitchell report stated that steroids were more important than everything else.


Or perhaps he's saying that baseball is not important at all. Well, I'd take issue with that. To say one shouldn't spend any time making baseball right or even just enjoying baseball is a fallacy. To illustrate my point, I'd follow the poster around, and as soon as he wasted one second I'd start blasting him for placing more importance on whatever the task he was doing than helping soldiers not die. For example: I'd follow him around and the minute he started cleaning out the old food in his refrigerator I'd ask him if that's the best thing he could do. I'd tell him that he's complicit in the fact that our country's deficit is too high because he wasn't "spending" every spare second lobbying or informing others about said deficit. Do you see how this is absurd? Of course you should clean out your fridge every once in awhile, or watch a baseball game, or get steroids out of baseball. It's important in its own way. People clean up what they can in their corner of the world. People also must take a break from the big issues else we'd all go insane.


I must acknowledge that the poster certainly brings up some very important topics, which I wouldn't mind discussing on their own merit, but my third and final point is this: whatever made the poster visit a baseball article on the web and even post, thus adding to the waste of time that he thinks this whole topic is??? But hey - thanks for the article fodder, poster!

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Reader Comments:

I'm more righteous!
How dare you post this article, when people are dyin' out there! There's more important stuff to do that post on this pitiful site!
14 Dec 2007
Surely there are more than 6 people named in the report, right? All I ever read about is Clemens, Pettitte, Bonds...

Here's a link to an ESPN article with the names of those found in the report. But instead of reading it, go out there and save the world, you sloth!
14 Dec 2007
Oh my goodness
What a shock! Denials about using steroids! Amazing! I'm so numbed by all the denials I've heard that it makes me sick (not numb). I'm being callous, but I'm just ready and willing to put anyone who is named as a user into the guilty pile. Too much Marion Jones, [insert name of any cyclist], and Barry Bonds. Sorry Clemens, but that means you're going into the guilty bin, too.
14 Dec 2007
Michael Wilbon made a good point on Pardon The Interruption today. He said poo poo to the players who now must defend their possible good names when the players union could have just cooperated along the way to make sure only the guilty were fingered.
14 Dec 2007
lots of blame, but
I love PTI.

I think there's lots of blame to go around, but I agree that the biggest villain is the Player's Union. They don't have the player's interest at heart at all. Why wouldn't you support full, transparent testing to make sure the game is pure?! How does it help the player's to constantly be doubted and second-guessed? They should get rid of Fehr and give a real leader a chance.

And to address this actual post (hmmm, this seems ironic)...I get quite frustrated when people post stupid comments, blogs, etc. But it's definitely funny to view and read their stupidity in such public venues.
16 Dec 2007
Hypocrite, maybe?
It's a little funny (in a totally cynical sort of way) that this guy wanted to post this rant on the FoxSports.com website. Did he think his initial reading and/or subsequent posting was helping the world? That's a touch of irony that one can't help but smile at.
22 Dec 2007
...and laugh and point at... : )
23 Dec 2007

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