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Kitchen Nightmares - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

14 Nov 2007

You been watching any tv? Yeah? Me neither. Well, some.


I suggest you check out Kitchen Nightmares. It's on Fox on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. And, yeah, it's one of those "chef" shows. Gordon Ramsey is the chef. He gets a pretty bad rap. But after watching a couple of episodes, he does a good job of mixing pushy with kind in order to get through to restaurant owners and staff that need to be gotten through to.


The show is Gordon visiting a different restaurant each week that is failing. Gordon eats the food, gets a feel for the dcor, chef, and operations, then throws a grenade into the middle of it all. And good thing, too.


Most of the problems are typical. The menu is too crowded and no theme is apparent. (Those of you who know me know that menu design is one of the things that really tick me off. Keep it simple, people!) The food isn't prepared fresh. The kitchen is dirty. The dining area dcor is too dark, depressing, or undefined. And the outdoor sign is either non-existent or tacky.


And so Chef Ramsey whips everyone into shape and the restaurant comes out the better for it. I always seem to miss where the restaurant is located, but if I ever spot one of 'em, I'll be sure to dine there.

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Reader Comments:

Do these restaurants sell Hint of Lime chips? Or that V8 product that allows guys to feel like they're eating healthy? I think these things would be critical to success. Well, except for selling V8. But Hint of Lime chips, wings, and cheese oughta do it. Success would be around the corner.

... a corner that leads to a dead end street.
15 Nov 2007

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