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The Politics-Administration Dichotomy - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

07 Nov 2007

We're so good at being lazy here at Dime Brothers that one brother (me) has resorted to stealing his own posts on other people's blogs. Well, at least I've edited it a little bit.


Funny how politicians usually campaign using the following logic: "Government is broken. I'm going to fix it by making it run like a business. We've had enough of the politicians and bureaucrats. I'm going to clean house." I sure do wish politicians would stop using the word "politician" as a dirty word. The thing is, the opposite of "political" in government is "administrative." This is usually referred to as the bureaucracy. Politicians also use the word "bureaucracy" as a dirty word. Everything about government is a dirty word according to almost everyone running for office. Hmmm...good luck trying to "clean it up" then.


When a politician gets into office he realizes that the government is run by politicians (himself) and bureaucrats (his staff), and that it's run almost* as efficiently as it could be (at least it will be once all the baby boomers retire and/or learn to use the Internet). He will soon realize that it's pretty impossible to run government like a business because the profit motive is not there. Also, accountability to the people and consensus decision making are not found in business to the extent it is in the public sector.


So new politicians get elected and most things remain pretty much the same.


*I've got ideas to make it even more efficient, and if you'll just elect me County Executive, I'll get rid of the lazy politicians and bureaucrats that make government what it is--a government!

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Tax Board
In case anyone cares, I was elected to my local tax board yesterday. Thus, the ignorance (ignoring) of this site has continued.
: )
07 Nov 2007
I'll fix it!
You're just sayin' government will always be government because you're one of them! You're one of those politicians, aren't you?!

Well, once I'm elected, I'll fix it. I'll fixer up good. (Note: I was elected, and optimism to change the system hasn't faded yet, all of one day into my term.)
08 Nov 2007

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