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Microsoft Word 2007 - 5 Cents
Posted by: Paul Nichols

01 Nov 2007

I'm writing an article on how much Microsoft Word 2007 s**ks.


They've changed the file format, so heaven forbid if you want to open up your "Word Document" in any previous version of Word!! *Gasp!*--why would you want to do that??!! So you've got to specially save it as a 1997-2003 Word Document.


The Normal template has also changed. Of course I want Calibri as my default font! (sarcastically) Well, actually, it's growing on me. But why would I want a default font size of 11, or Word to open in something other than print view?? Worse, it should be immediately determinable how to alter the Normal template, but it is not, because they've changed where the default template is stored!


I'm not even sure how I typed up yesterday's Dime Brothers article at all with all the stress I'm under because of this.


God, please grant me the patience...*(&%^@)!!

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Reader Comments:

Don't Worry!
Microsoft's spiders will soon discover your little rebellion and send someone over to your place for a little brainwashin' session. All will be well shortly....
02 Nov 2007
MS innovates by teaching you what's intuitive
MS claims they did years of study with usability experts to create a better Office suite to be more intuitive. The problem is that we've all learned how to use the old version, even if it wasn't the most usable, efficient product. We were trained to find and do what they wanted, like software lab rats. What's a computer user to do?!
04 Nov 2007

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